Spending a weekend learning stuff – is it worth it?

Last weekend, I joined the Power BI days. Eight live 1-hour sessions on Saturday and several more on Sunday (via webinars). So not a lot of weekend left. The question that raises is : is it worth spending your weekend on a training, knowing that you probably use max. 10% afterwards in your business. The answer is : yes of course.

Because it is interesting to be in seminars about matters that interest you, because it is fun meeting new people, because it is good to be stretched in your learning capacities, …
I learned about PowerBI (of course), about AI and Power BI, about IoT and Power BI, about Power Apps and Power BI, … It would take me much more time learning this on my own. As a consultant, I do not need to know everything in all details, but a broad, practical and actual knowledge is indispensable.

Combine this with a great organisation (thank you Jan Mulkens and all speakers) and you get a weekend fun@work.
Experience it yourself next time…

picture by Jan Mulkens

TMWS Info card:
⁞ Time well spent : +/- 14 hours
⁞ Money well spent : €0 (Powerbidays are free)
⁞ Type of learning : Presentations and webinars
⁞ More info : http://www.powerbidays.com
⁞ Hashtags : #powerbidays #powerBIUG #PBIUG #jan mulkens  #BI #palpa #kris beckstedde