Traffic jams as a source of relaxation?

Last week, I joined a lecture concerning “The human aspect of mobility” by Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos and Prof. Dr. Peggy De Prins. It was organised by B19 at Antwerp Management School (AMS).

Not that mobility or HR is my specialty, but always nice to learn new insights concerning a problem of which you are part yourself. And of course, a lot of data were presented – and that is what I like as well.

Picture by B19

It is not the goal to summarize the seminar here, you can download it at the AMS website (see link below). But some interesting points :

  • Their survey showed that for many people, it is “not so bad” after all.
  • I liked the concept to describe mobility (or traffic jams…) as ”in-between time”, the bridge between ‘work stops’ and ‘private starts’ (or vice versa in the morning). This in-between time can be a moment of relaxation and recreation … or a moment of stress.
  • It is very individual how one experiences this time. But since it is a matter of perception, it can be influenced, also by employers. So that’s a lesson to take for every HR (wo)man. Because there is a proven impact on engagement, burnout risk, work-life balance, …
  • The ‘autonomy to choose’ in this matter is positively correlated to experiencing the in-between time as relaxing.
  • The study shows that 2/3rd of HR management is not working actively or proactively with mobility issues.
  • And of course, all this is also influenced by new ways of working.

So interesting information, well presented and followed by some interesting B19-networking afterwards in a nice new building.

To finish, a tip for the presenters from a visualization point of view: there is more in (visualization) life than pie-charts (or Pareto’s) to make your point. Always willing to give some advice…

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