AI transformation – a historical note.

Some time ago, I was advised to read the paper “AI Transformation Playbook” by Andrew NG. The paper gives some good advises how to lead your company into the AI era. It seems mainly targeted at big companies, but nevertheless gives interesting insights for every company. It focuses for instance on :

  • The importance of pilot projects (“more important to succeed rather than be the most valuable AI project”), and on having clear objectives
  • The importance of building an AI team. Most focus on in-house teams, but – mutatis mutandis – in smaller companies this will always be a combination of in-house expertise and external competencies I assume.
  • The importance of training, it is even quantified in number of hours for different levels in the organisation.
  • The strategy towards creating value and “the virtuous cycle of AI”.
  • Developing internal and external communications.
illustration: photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

But what I wanted to highlight here is the closing of the paper : a historical note, important to success. I will simply quote Andrew:

“There is a mistake that many businesses made navigating the rise of the internet that I hope you will avoid as you navigate the rise of AI. We learned in the internet era that: shopping mall + website ≠ internet company. Even if a shopping mall built a website and sold things on a website, that by itself did not turn the shopping mall into a true internet company. What defines a true internet company is: Have you organized your company to do the things that the internet lets you do really well?”

“Deep learning, one of the fastest growing areas of AI, is showing parallels to the rise of the internet. Today, we find that: any typical company + deep learning technology ≠ AI company. For your company to become great at AI, you will have to organize your company to do the things that AI lets you do really well.”

Read the tips for yourself in the paper. It is only 12 pages.

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