The relation between 19 and 42

Last week I learned about 42 and 19. As an engineer and data enthusiast, I assumed to know everything about those numbers, but the opposite is true. I learned that numbers can hide interesting social/learning projects.

It started in France, first there was 42. 42 is a ‘school’, founded by Florian Bucher, Xavier Niel, Nicolas Sadirac and Kwame Yamgnane in 2013 while the digital industry was lacking IT developers in France. “To train the best talents of tomorrow, the school provides the best infrastructure in a unique and modern place. 42 is the answer to what should be the school of tomorrow”.

19 is more recent, it is an innovative, impacting and performing school in Brussels, with the support of 42 (“the best coding school in the world”).
19 has no tuition fee, no teachers, no diploma, and is open 24/24 and 7/7.
It is also a social project, with unique funding model by mainly the private sector and partnerships with the public sector.
19’s founders are Ian Gallienne and John Bogaerts. The context for founding was obvious – mass unemployment while companies do not find the talents.

The interior of the school (photo Quote: it is not because something is free (or cheap) that it should be ugly.

I learned a lot more about those initiatives at an interesting presentation by Stefan Salberter, director of the 19 coding school during an event organised by B19 (another number 19 – B19 is a business club). And B19 is a partner of the school 19 …
If you want to know more about the schools, see and

Ofcourse one should ask the graduates, but this really looks like a great initiative. And as a fan of democratization of education, I am proud to support B19 supporting 19…

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⁞ Links : https://www.s19.behttps://www.42.fr