Palpa “Takes The Lead” (in digital transformation)

I just finished the “Take The Lead” program of Vlerick Business School. All set to take the lead now and support Palpa clients even better in their data-driven innovations.

graduating ceremony in Ghent

Included courses:

  • Digital transformation leadership
  • Vigilant leadership
  • Voyager leadership
  • Visionary leadership
  • Vested leadership
  • Orchestrating oganisational agility

TMWS Info Card:
⁞ Time Well Spent : +/- 50 hours, spread over 12 weeks
⁞ Money Well Spent : +/- € 1.000
⁞ Type of learning : Online and Offline
⁞ Hashtags : #takethelead #digitaltransformation #BI #palpa #krisbeckstedde